When you grow up in a small village of less than 4,000 people in central Illinois, like I did, you can’t help but believe the old adage that “it takes a village to raise a child”. That phrase, that mind set - that it's all of our responsibility to help and nurture one another - has become an intrinsic part of my personality. 


I left that small Illinois town almost twenty years ago to live first in Swansea, Wales and then Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but no matter where my life has taken me or what roles I’ve held, that village mindset is here to stay. 


There are patterns to the roles I have taken on. Regardless of the title, I find myself training, knowledge sharing and coaching, either in a team or on an individual basis. My passion lies in helping people reach their full potential. Seeing a person I’ve coached on stage, jumping over hurdles they never imagined they’d be able to clear, gives me such a sense of accomplishment for both them and myself.  


Storytelling is as much a part of my persona as the “It takes a village” mind set. It’s my mother in me, I swear. Growing up, she could talk to any stranger, any place, anywhere, anytime… so easily. It’s the ‘gift’ she’s passed onto me. There is no bigger thrill than feeling like I’ve captured the audience, kept their full attention and shared a complete story in a simple and memorable way. That connection is electric for me. 


My goal through Sarah Says is to continue to story tell, to share my experience and knowledge with you and teach you to find that connection, to find that electrical moment in your own story. It will be an amazing journey to take together.   

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