Sarah Says Services

speech writing

Everybody has a story within them, personally or professionally. I'm able to help you share that story in a simple, compelling and engaging manner.  It's more than just sharing information, it's knowing and captivating your audience. Together we'll not just write your story, we'll take your audience on a journey.

speech coaching

 Once you have the story in place, I'm able to help you deliver your message in a memorable way. As a public speaker your job is more than just sharing information, you entertain through your message. That doesn't mean your'e a comic, it means your stage presence is authentic and leaves a lasting  impression. Even the most introverted or shy speakers will find their voice and confidence once we've worked together to find your own style of delivery. 

creative Writing & Editing

Together we can elevate your message, making sure the purpose is clear. I'm able to be as involved as you need while writing or simply editing your creative pieces. From copy writing, to thinking of creative names for the dishes on your menu, we'll work together to make your ideas come to life.


Your event is as successful as the memories you're able to create with your audience through coherent storytelling. As your keynote speaker I'll work with you to find your key messaging and then deliver a passionate keynote speech to your audience. I'm also available to moderate your entire event, creating a common thread from open to close. Through moderation I'm able to keep your audience engaged and curious as to what's going to happen next.